Monday, September 12, 2011

Experiencing 9/11's 10th Anniversary as a Truther

Estranged from society by the media –- connected to the people through the truth. The two halves of my day were as different from each other as night is to day. My morning at home emerged me in a constant barrage of media TV, the audio sneaking through in the background as I partially escaped from the TV images. The media’s version hit me as propaganda, doing all that it could to reinforce the official theory. Over and over I heard of the Twin Towers, the four airplanes, the tugging of emotional strings through careful selection of family members. The more I heard, the more I sensed the glaring avoidance of any mention of Building 7.

The more I heard family members interviewed, the more it was obvious they had been selected because they were “solid on 9/11,” that is, did not question the Official Story. Even worse, these were the family members who had accepted the government’s hush money. (This will seem harsh to those unaware of the details of these arrangements. However, there were a few family members who did not agree to give up their rights to challenge in the court of law. These few have suffered immensely, with the courts placing gag orders on them as well as finding ways to prohibit any testimony on the side of the plaintiffs from making it into the court's records, and to find ways to punish these individuals financially.) Most likely, big money was exchanged for agreeing to take no legal action, and who knows what all else was part of the agreement. What ever it was, I’m quite sure these family members agreed to stay mum about any behind-the-scenes matters.

Finally, the time came to drive down to the local 9/11 Truth outreach.  The car radio kept me connected to 9/11 memorials, leaving me equally estranged from the public happenings of the day. Finally, I arrived at the San Diego harbor walk across from the U.S.S. Midway Musuem.

Just as soon as I unloaded my two large building models, the day made a dramatic change for the better. It was as if the light of truth had been turned on. One of my models depicts WTC 7, a six-foot tall plywood “shell,” making it 1/100th scale version of the 600+ ft. former WTC building. The other model is of the smaller “tallest building in San Diego,” where the real counterpart can be seen along the nearby skyline.

A steady stream of people sauntered by. They mostly self select, with some walking by while avoiding eye contact with any aspect of the 9/11 Truth displays, or the truthers themselves. It is the other ones, those that slow down just enough to glance at a few of the displays, that almost always respond in the affirmative when I ask them if I can explain my building models. These are the people who have some curiosity, who become intrigued, and almost always stay long enough to ask a few questions, take some reading material, and actually grasp the idea that there may be something here worth their time for consideration.

I delight in these people. People who grasp the seriousness of the information, people with a sense of responsibility greater than their fear of getting into something that may be uncomfortable. These people, the ones who aren’t afraid to think for themselves, come from a wide variety of places. Probably about an equal three-way split. A third from San Diego larger, a third from elsewhere in the U.S., and a third from other countries. These are the people who make my effort seem worthwhile. These are the people that make this a two-way energizing experience. These are the people who give me the sense that the truth movement is making progress.


John Friend said...

Great post Dwain! I totally agree with you!

We are making progress, no doubt.

freedoms1st said...

Good stuff.